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How to Create Employee Engagement

How to Create Employee Engagement
How to Create Employee Engagement

How to Create Employee Engagement

If you want to grow your company, you must start with your people. The best managers and business owners recognize that employee engagement and business success go hand-in-hand, and you can’t grow your business if your people aren’t engaged.

When you get the people part right, big things can happen! Increasing the level of employee engagement in a company can lead to a 20% increase in profitability and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction. It can also generate up to 5 times more revenue and make them 3 times more likely to retain their employees!

What is Employee Engagement And How Do You Create It?

New call-to-actionSo, what exactly is Employee Engagement? And even more importantly, how can you create it?

At Up Your Culture, we define Employee Engagement as an emotional commitment and willingness to give your best at work. When engagement is strong, employees have a powerful sense of purpose and they feel as though they have a stake in the game. Because of that, they are willing to give everything they’ve got to achieve success and often go above and beyond what others are doing.

We have found four distinct ways to lift Employee Engagement, and we call them the Four Engagement Elevators. Companies committed to increasing their level of employee engagement can use the actionable strategies associated with the Engagement Elevators to achieve measurable results.

1. Shared Mission

Gives a clear sense of where you’re going as a company and why you’re working hard to get there.

Pro-Tip: Identify your company’s core values, so everyone has a clear understanding of how you treat each other and your customers.

2. People Development

Demonstrates you care about your people and you’re invested in their growth.

Pro-Tip: Use the Growth Guide to understand each unique individual you manage and have a clear picture of what they want from their coach.

3. Valued Voice

Encourages strong two-way communication where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinions and people value the input of others.

Pro-Tip: Seek the input of your employees, listen sincerely and show genuine respect for their thoughts and opinions even if you go in a different direction.

4. Earned Trust

Promotes transparency which gives your people confidence in company decisions and faith in the integrity of their leaders.

Pro-Tip: Establish a regular “Ask me anything meeting” to keep employees apprised of new information, answer questions, and reinforce your mission, visual, and values as a company.

The Secret To Increasing Employee Engagement

The “secret” to increasing employee engagement in the workplace is that there is no secret. Creating strong employee engagement is about capturing both their heads and their hearts.

Sadly, the most recent Gallup study shows that only 35% of employees are truly engaged at work while 52% are just showing up and going through the motions, and 13% are actively working against their companies!  

Take this opportunity to use all Four Engagement Elevators and create a strong lift in your Employee Engagement!engagement elevators ebook

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