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A Year's Worth of Appreciation Holidays and Events to Celebrate with Employees

A Year's Worth of Appreciation Holidays and Events to Celebrate with Employees
A Year's Worth of Appreciation Holidays and Events to Celebrate with Employees

Years worth of recognition

How happy are your employees? 

According to Gallup, just 48% of U.S. workers are completely satisfied with their job.

How passionate are your employees about what they do?

The American Psychological Association reports that just 30% of U.S. workers are passionate about their job.

What can you do to make sure your employees feel great about coming to work?

Employee recognition is important. Everyone wants their efforts to be seen and heard. A positive word can go a long way, but there are other things you can do to improve employee engagement.

Short of ideas on what you can do with your employees? No worries! We've got a month-by-month breakdown of ideas for events that will engage your staff and show them just how much you appreciate them.

Employee Recognition and Engagement

 3 WAYS TO ENGAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES AS YOU TRANSITION INTO YOUR NEW RETURN-TO-OFFICE PLANYou can plan events that will give your staff motivation, get them working together, and make work a fun place to be.

Of course, you may already celebrate holidays with staff. If you're interested in improving employee engagement, however, you may want to do even more. Go ahead and check your appreciation event budget, then check out our list of appreciation holiday ideas for every month of the year. (All dates fall on a weekday in 2022 unless otherwise noted.)


  • National Trivia Day (4th): Find out what your employees know! Plan a trivia contest. This can work either onsite or virtually. You can even buy small prizes for the winners.
  • National Popcorn Day (19th): Treat your staff to some yummy popcorn. You can create a popcorn bar with an array of flavorings to try, or you can hand out bags as a welcome snack.
  • Better Communication Day (24th): Good communication is the key to good business. On this special day, you could host a game that requires communication. The Name Game, for example, puts a post-it note with a famous name on everyone's back. Players need to ask others questions to figure out whose name they have.


  • National Pizza Day (9th): Remind your employees to leave the packed lunch at home and order in pizza!
  • Valentine's Day (14th): Those inexpensive Valentine's Day cards you get at the dollar store aren't just for kids. Encourage your employees to fill some out for their colleagues, then take the time to pass them out.


  • Employee Appreciation Day (4th): This is an opportunity for you to let your staff know just how much you appreciate them. You can leave them a card or small treat with a note thanking them for all they do.
  • International Women's Day (8th): Women should, of course, be celebrated every day. On this holiday, make extra time to highlight the contribution of the women in your company.

Reinforce Positive Behavior in the Workplace Through Employee Recognition


  • International Fun at Work Day (1st): This is also April Fool's Day. Not everyone is a fan of practical jokes, but who doesn't want to have a little fun? Plan a fun activity for the day, perhaps a scavenger hunt or a cup stacking game. (More ideas can be found here.)
  • Earth Day (22nd): To celebrate the importance of taking care of the Earth, give each of your employees a small plant. You could even bring some plants into the office to liven things up.
  • Administrative Professionals Day (27th): Don't forget your secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants. Get the whole office to participate in acknowledging what these professionals do to keep the office going. You can buy some flowers, order in lunch, or have everyone sign a card.


  • Mental Health Awareness Month: There are many ways you can let your staff know that their mental health is important. Host some speakers to come in to speak on the topic of mental health. Plan some mental health breaks for your staff, perhaps put some snacks in the lounge or encourage a walk outside.
  • National Health and Fitness Day (18th): Now that you've taken care of your staff's mental health, you can think about their body health. Plan a run for the weekend or exercise breaks at the office.


  • International Picnic Day (18th): If it's a pretty day out, hold a picnic lunch on your campus or at a nearby park. If it's rainy, turn your conference room into a picnic area and bring in some sandwiches.
  • National Take Your Dog to Work Day (24th): This one speaks for itself! Give permission for your staff to bring in their four-legged friends. Everyone will love showing off their pets.


  • National French Fry Day (13th): Who doesn't love a good french fry? Bring in French fries from several local places and let your employees taste test them to find the best ones.
  • National Ice Cream Day (17th – Sunday): This day may fall on a Sunday, but that's no reason to skip it! Rent an ice cream truck, or put an ice cream bar in the break room with ice cream, toppings, and whipped cream.


  • National Relaxation Day (15th): Give your staff some moments of relaxation. Bring in a masseuse or someone to lead a yoga session.
  • National Tell a Joke Day (16th): Time for a laugh! Have your employees post their best jokes on a bulletin board, their office door, or an online team space. Don't forget to add your own....


  • Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day (1st): Every day, there is a group of people working to make sure your building is safe. Take a moment to show your building service workers how grateful you are for their dedication to your company's safety.
  • Read a Book Day (6th): Invite your employees to bring in their favorite book to share or set up a book exchange or a book drive for charity.

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  • World Food Day (16th): Make this a day for your staff to prepare dishes from their culture (or their favorite culture) to bring in for a potluck lunch.
  • Halloween (31st): Dressing up isn't just for kids! 


  • National Swag Day (15th): Purchase some swag with your company logo or tagline, then pass it out to your employees.
  • Thanksgiving (24th): Make time for your staff to talk about what they are thankful for at work. In addition to offering employee engagement, this may boost your morale to know what's working for everyone.


  • National Cocoa Day (13th): Bring in a variety of different types of hot chocolate for your employees to try once they've finished their morning coffee.
  • Holiday Celebration: Many companies enjoy having a party to celebrate the December holidays. You could also plan a Secret Santa gift exchange or a themed event, like a murder mystery or an escape room, to spice things up.

All Year Long

It can be great fun to bring these national holidays to the office. Don't forget that you can show employee recognition all year long. Providing the occasional lunch or hosting a monthly social get-together can go a long way to letting your staff know you appreciate them.

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