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A Company Finds its North Star Through an Economic Turndown and Improves Staff Retention, Client Satisfaction, and Conflict Resolution.

Click to watch what the team at Federated Media has to say about partnering with Up Your Culture and read the full story below!

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UYC_Case Study_Federated Media Cover ImageFederated Media is an independent family-owned multimedia company that offers top-quality products to its customers. They proudly operate 12 radio station and a digital marketing agency (Federated Digital Solutions) located in northern Indiana. Their goal is to provide the highest quality form of information, entertainment, and advertising to listeners, viewers, advertisers, and employees in a way that is profitable for all.

In January of 2019, Federated Media partnered with Up Your Culture to improve their company culture and increase employee engagement. It was a point in time when the organization was seeking to become more adaptive and innovative. They knew that to successfully manage the change ahead, they would need a solid foundation of culture.

During unprecedented times, Up Your Culture gave them the tools to walk through internal and economic issues to get to the other side. "I believe Up Your Culture was given to us from above, in preparation for COVID," Brad Williams, Chief Operating Officer, stated.

The Up Your Culture program ensured that Federated Media had a plan in good times and bad. It helped them going into unprecedented times of business during COVID and it also helped them when they were outpacing all other organizations in 2021.




"I believe Up Your Culture was given to us from above, in preparation for COVID."

UYC Crew-129
- Brad Williams,
Chief Operating Officer

"Up Your Culture offers ways to actually measure how your culture is doing."

- Allison Delagrange,
General Sales Manager

"I thought if we occasionally talked about culture and cheered each other on in a positive way, everything would work out for the better. It doesn't."

- Brad Williams,
Chief Operating Officer

"I would recommend other businesses go through that experience to learn more about their business, their employees and how they can get better."

- Kathy Uebler,
General Sales Manager