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Set Your Company Culture Up for Success in the New Year

A video series to help company leaders chart the course for organizational success.

Ensure that Your Employees are "All In" All Year Long

No matter how strong your strategic plan may be, if your employees aren't "all in," you won't achieve what you could. We've put together this series of short videos to give you actionable tactics you can use to create a thriving culture and boost engagement.
Whether you check in with each of these videos throughout the year or you decide to watch them all at once, you can always access them here on this page.
Check out each of the videos below. 

Create a Shared Mission

Resource: Guide to Creating Company Values

In this guide, we discuss

  • How Core Values shape your company culture
  • The ROI from establishing Core Values
  • How to create your own Core Values
  • Plus, we share some brilliant examples that show the significant impact that Core Values have on a company.


Conduct a Townhall Meeting

Resource: How to Make Your Townhall Meetings More Engaging

A great Townhall Meeting brings your team together, gets the community talking, surfaces issues that need to be addressed, allows employees to get to know their leaders better, and allows leaders to take the pulse of the organization.

Here are some ways highly engaged companies have created a Townhall Meeting that employees look forward to.


Schedule a Growth Guide Conversation

Resource: Mastering Individualized Management with Sarah Dobbins

In this episode of Culture Over Coffee, our guest, Sarah Dobbins of Townsquare Media Portland and Augusta, Maine, shares so many valuable insights, such as: 

  • How understanding talents at an individual level can make it easy to be the perfect “matchmaker” for clients and account executives 
  • Why talking about individual talents can really feel like a “love language” 
  • And, finally, how consistently using Growth Guides makes it that much easier to put words into action


Give Effective Feedback with the Four-Part Framework

Resource: How Consistent is Your Feedback?

People will work longer for a bad manager than they will for an inconsistent manager. If your praise and expectations are random, impulsive, and inconsistent, retaining top talent will be next to impossible. Providing consistent feedback is key to creating a lasting, effective team.


Bring Your Leadership Team Together

Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Building Strong Teams

As a leader, your role is critical in ensuring the success of your team. You are responsible for setting the tone, building relationships, maintaining accountability, and driving results.

You pour a lot into your people. 

But equally important is your development and engagement as a leader. That way, you know when and how to fill your cup back up.


Improve Your Employer Brand and Boost Recruitment

Resource: The All-in-One Guide to Exceptional Recruitment

In today's competitive job market, the demand for skilled professionals often outweighs the supply, leaving hiring managers, company leaders, and recruiters grappling with with the dilemma of filling crucial positions with the right individuals.

Recognizing this pressing need, we've designed this eBook to serve as your go-to resource, packed with expert insights and practical strategies to tackle the nuances of recruitment.


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